Videos / Tutorials

On this page you will find our YouTube videos and tutorials. They show you exactly how to fit our products to your bike and how to use them. You can therefore use our videos at the same time as our written fitting instructions for a better understanding.


G.1 Seat post - assembly instructions

Here you can see how our G.1 seatpost is installed in the bike.

Cut-out saddle mounting

This video shows how to mount your saddle on the by,schulz seat post.


Speedlifter Twist Pro SDS

This video shows how our Speedlifter Twist Pro SDS works.

Stems / SDS system

Stem Twist SDS - Assembly instructions

In this video you can see how to install and use the Stem Twist.

Speedlifter Stem Twist SDS

This video shows you how to use the Speedlifter Stem Twist.

SDS Single-Link Bottleholder - Mounting

This is a guide on how to attach the SDS Single-Link Bottleholder to your stem.


Z.1 Z-Line Fold

In this video you can see how the Z.1 Z-Line folding pedal works.

Z.1 Z-Line Fold receives Saarland State Prize for Design 2023