On this page you will find the downloads and PDF views of our by.Schulz product catalogue, the consumer price lists and the assembly instructions for our products. Simply select the desired file and use our information. These are free of charge and can be called up by you at any time.

Product Catalogue 2019/20

The new product catalogue for 2019 and 2020 has arrived! Find out more about the articles we offer in 2019 and 2020.                                                                                        (Version PB-PK-20190830-DE)

End Consumer-Pricelist

You want to buy one or more of our articles? Here you can take a look at the current consumer price list and at the same time find out something about the desired product.

Assembly Instructions


G.2 ST / G.2 LT

In the assembly and operating instructions you will see how to install your G.2 seat post and how to change the springs yourself.

G.1 Urban

This installation and operating manual shows you how to install our G.1 seat post in your bike and how to easily change the spring element of the post yourself.


Stem Pro SDS

These instructions show how the Stem Pro SDS is constructed and mounted on your bike. You can also read how the stem works.

Stem Twist SDS

Here you can find the instructions for the Stem Twist SDS. You can read how to mount the stem and how to use our SDS system on it.

Stem Twist Pro SDS

In this manual you will find how to mount the Stem Twist Pro SDS on your bike and how to use the practical SDS system.


Speedlifter Classic / Twist assembly instruction

In these assembly instructions you will find out how our Speedlifter is installed in your bike and how you can use it.

Speedlifter Twist Pro SDS short manual and installation requirement

This is the short manual of our Speedlifter Twist Pro SDS. You can read here how to install the Speedlifter Twist Pro SDS into your bike and how to use it.