In this category, you will find our suspended parallelogram seatposts of the G.2 series, as well as the unsprung seatposts (R. series) and lowerable seatposts (D. series). As a special highlight, the D.2 series combines a parallelogram suspension with a lowering mechanism.
Our accessories for seatposts, such as replacement springs for the suspended seatposts, neoprene protective covers for the spring mechanism, reducing sleeves for adaptation to the frame, as well as saddle clamps are also listed here.

Along with the standard models, you can find stems with additional functions here. The Alpha Series is designed for high loads, with the “Pro” models the angle of inclination can be individually adjusted. Stems with the patented Twist function allow the handlebar to be turned in seconds without tools. All stems have the special by,schulz SDS front cap for mounting accessories.

Thanks to non-slip Grip Tape, the platform pedal of the M series provides a secure grip even in the rain in the city and trekking area. Designed for compact bikes and e-bikes, the folding pedal of the Z series helps to transport and store the bike in a space-saving way. It is lowered to the zero line of the pedal axle, which provides a unique, comfortable and less tiring pedaling experience. The bythlon pedal system, available through the by,schulz distribution, connects pedal and sole plate together only by positive locking and can be used with cleats, as well as with normal road shoes.

The BM-60 e-bikelifter is designed for bicycles, e-bikes and cargo bikes. The solid battery-powered design enables the bicycle mechanic to work flexibly and comfortably in the service workshop. High-quality transport rollers allow the entire lift to be easily moved by one person on the rear-mounted handles of the lifting column. The autonomous power supply via the built-in rechargeable battery enables flexible operation independent of the mains.

Our handlebar collection offers the Comfort handlebars and the Urban handlebars for City and Trekking, as well as the Super Strong handlebars, which are designed for very high loads. The P.2 handlebars are especially suitable for cargo bikes and for riders with high body weights, the Sport Super Strong remains exceptionally lightweight despite high load capacity due to very high-quality aluminium alloy.

The by,schulz SDS system allows simple mounting of accessories such as lamps, navigation devices and cameras centrally on the front cap of the bicycle without having to screw on the handlebar holder itself. Due to the large selection of available links and adapters, many common accessories can be attached, either individually or in combination, e.g: navigation device and lighting, lighting and camera.

Here you will find the different Speedlifter systems. The Speedlifter Classic allows an easy handlebar height adjustment in seconds. Simply open the quick-release, pull up the handlebars and close the quick-release – done. With the Speedlifter Twist, the handlebars can also be turned to the side to save space. The Pro version also allows the integrated stem to be tilted to fit the driver individually.

One of the most stylish accessories: the by,schulz clock. The A-Head Clock is a high-quality and shapely analog clock. It replaces the A-Head cap of the stem and is therefore always well in view. The separate holder is available in 10 different colors. The Top Cap Clock works with the Speedlifter Classic and Twist systems and replaces the Speedlifter cap.

Our practical helpers. With our valve adapters, which can be carried on a key ring, the tires are quickly inflated at the gas station. The Profi Cut Tool and the Simple Draw Tool were developed for the precise shortening and slitting of fork stems for the installation of the Speedlifter systems. The compact spanners with their flat design are especially suitable for adjusting the headset of Speedlifter systems and the Alpha Stem stems. The Y-wrench is a high-quality hexagon socket spanner with spanner dimensions of 4, 5 and 6 mm.

Your own smartphone is the best cycling computer, that you already own. When you’re training, why leave it in your bag, backpack or at home? Securely mount your phone on your stem with these smartphone holders and use the range of handy cycling apps like Strava to compete with others to all the map apps for your next trips. If you change your smartphone, it’s no problem – the Bone Collection is compatible with almost every smartphone! The Bike Tie Connect Kit and the Phone Tie Connect are innovative complete solutions for mounting smartphones on the handlebars or stem of a bike. They are the result of a cooperation between Bone Collection and by,schulz, and are available in Germany exclusively through by,schulz.