Stem Pro SDS – Super Strong

Stem Pro SDS – Super Strong

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· 1 ⅛” A-Head stem

· with SDS front cap for SDS Links/Adapter

· Aluminium 3D forged, black anodized

· Super Strong design

· with SDS Front Cap for SDS Links/Adapter

· angle adjustable from -20 to +40°.

· robust toothing in the adjustable joint

· suitable for MTB use

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For a comfortable sitting position, the position of the handlebar is one of the decisive factors. By adjusting the angle of the by.schulz A-Head Stem Pro SDS stem, the handlebar height can be adjusted individually using a 6mm Allen key. The particularly robust toothing of the adjustable joint guarantees a secure hold. In combination with the various stem lengths (95 / 110 / 125 mm), the handlebar height can be comfortably adjusted from -20° to +40° and thus the seating position. Various optional attachments can be fitted to the special SDS stem cap without removing or loosening the handlebar. With the handlebars fitted, adapters can easily be inserted from the outside into the SDS front cap holder, positioned and securely fastened using a clamping screw. For example, accessories such as lamps, GPS holders, smartphones or bottle holders can be mounted individually or in combination perfectly in the middle of the field of vision

Tech. Data

  • Material : Aluminium AL-6061-T6, 3D forged
  • Colour : black anodized
  • Construction height : approx. 40 mm
  • Handlebar clamping : ø 31,8 mm
  • lengths : 95 – 125 mm
  • Angle : -20° to +40° (in 10° steps)
  • Weight : approx. 235 g at 110 mm length
  • Scope of delivery: Stem Pro SDS and instruction manual

Assembly Instruction

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