Simple Draw Tool

Simple Draw Tool

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· Simple, lightweight aluminium template

· To mark the fork shaft slot for Speedlifter systems

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To mount Speedlifter systems, the fork shaft must have a slot at the rear side. The Simple Draw Tool is a small helper for the precise and clean shortening and slotting of threadless metal fork shafts with a 1 “⅛” A-Head. This simple cylindrical template is made of aluminium, and is an inexpensive alternative to the Profi Cut Tool. It is used to mark the required hole and cutting lines for the installation of a Speedlifter.

Note: When using the Simple Draw Tool, the bicycle should be placed with the front wheel on the ground. This makes working on the fork shaft and the later installation of the Speedlifter a lot easier.

Tech. Data

  • Material : Aluminium
  • Colour : Silver
  • Inner diameter : ø 28,6 mm
  • Weight : Approx. 16g
  • Scope of delivery : Simple Draw Tool


This is a template to draw cutting lines on the fork shaft. After marking, you can use a Ø 6mm drill and a metal hacksaw to drill and cut the fork shaft, so that it fits the installation of a Speedlifter system.