SDS Links

SDS Links

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The SDS links are inserted into the special SDS front cap, then aligned and fastened using an Allen key. The stem clamping screws, which fix the handlebars, remain untouched. They differ mainly in the width (7-10 mm) and diameter (5 or 6 mm) of the mount and are used for direct mounting of accessories such as lamps. The SDS Link 10 M5 – U also serves as a universal link for mounting the SDS adapters.

Tech. Data

  • Material : Aluminium AL-6061-T6, 3D forged
  • Colour : Black anodized
  • Width of Mount : 7 or 10 mm
  • Weight : From 21 g
  • Scope of delivery : SDS Link


  • Easy mounting and inclination adjustment
  • Central and clean placement of accessories
  • Wide range of combination options with SDS links and adapters

Assembly Instructions