Profi Cut Tool

Profi Cut Tool

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· Solid dealer tool made of steel

· Drilling and sawing template for Speedlifter steerer tube slots

· With Ø 6mm drill bit

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The Installation of the Speedlifter system only works with a threadless 1 ⅛” or 1 ¼” metal fork shaft without a “starnut” installed..The fork shaft should stand at least 46 mm out of the headset. In addition, the shaft needs an exact longitudinal cut at the rear in the upper end of the headset. In order to get this done precisely, by,schulz has developed the Profi Cut Tool for dealers. The galvanized tool made of tool steel, serves as a cutting and drilling template. The 6 mm metal drill included in the scope of delivery is used to drill a relief hole for the slot. The fork shaft is shortened with a metal hacksaw in the horizontal guide of the tool. The longitudinal slot, which ends in the relief hole, is made in the vertical guide of the Profi Cut Tool.
Note: When using the Profi Cut Tool, the bicycle should be placed with the front wheel on the ground. This makes working on the fork shaft and the later installation of the Speedlifter a lot easier.

Tech. Data

  • Material : Steel
  • Colour : Silver
  • Fork shaft diameter : Outer ø 28.6 (1 1/8”) or 31.6 mm (1 1/4”)
  • Weight : From approx. 602g
  • Scope of delivery : Profi Cut Tool incl. special drill Ø 6mm


The Speedlifter Profi Cut Tool is a professional drilling and sawing template tool for the installation of the Speedlifter handlebar height adjustment system to bicycles with 1 ⅛” or 1 ¼” A-Head system.

Operating instructions

1 1/18” Version view here >>            1 1/4” Version view here >>