Magnet hook

Magnet hook

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Product Description:

The magnetic hook is particularly suitable for mounting on the underside of the steel angle, so that the force of the load acts vertically downwards.

This magnetic hook is guaranteed to always look in the desired direction. The solidly processed magnetic hook can be rotated freely all around, this facilitates the alignment.

Technical data:

Material: neodymium iron boron magnets
Adhesive force: approx. 20kg
Length: approx. 63mm
Color: silver / nickel plated
Hook opening side: ca. 14mm
Weight: approx. 40g

Delivery in cardboard outer packaging

Scope of delivery:
1x magnetic hook

Ready for assembly

Technische Daten

Material: Neodym-Eisen-Bor Magnete
Haftkraft: ca. 20kg
Länge: ca. 63mm
Farbe: silberfarben / vernickelt
Haken Öffnungsseite: ca. 14mm
Gewicht: ca. 40g

Lieferung in Umverpackung Pappe

1x Magnethaken