G.2 ST – Parallelogram Suspension Seatpost

G.2 ST – Parallelogram Suspension Seatpost

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· Fine response behaviour, high riding comfort

· IGUS polymer high-performance plain bearings

· Simple spring and saddle change

· Spring elements with 5 degrees of hardness, selectable according to the rider’s weight

· Loadable up to 150 kg rider weight

· Saddle clamping with fine adjustment and robust locking and defined adjustment range with stop

· For saddle rails with Ø 7mm, optional for Ø 8mm available

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Thanks to the approved parallelogram spring mechanism with only 100 mm installation height and 30 mm suspension travel, the by,schulz suspension seatpost G.2 ST offers top response behaviour and riding comfort. For example, when city and trekking bikers ride over cobble stones or bumpy gravel.
To absorb the vibrations in a back-protecting way, the built-in steel spring is available in 5 different spring hardnesses. Changing the spring on the G.2 ST is a child’s play. With a steel spring matched to the rider’s weight, the suspension seatpost works efficiently and offers reserves for larger impacts. The different spring hardnesses allow the G.2 ST to be used with a body weight of 45 to 150 kg. Besides, the G.2 ST looks really good: Powerful, organically flowing lines set visual accents.

Tech. Data

  • Material : Aluminium AL-6061-T6, AL-6066-T6, 3D forged
  • Colour : Black anodized
  • Installation height : Approx. 100mm
  • Spring element : Length approx. 72mm
  • Spring travel : Approx. 30mm
  • Offset : Approx. 17mm
  • Tube : ø 26.4 – 34.9mm
  • Length : 350 – 450mm / shortenable
  • Weight : From approx. 600g
  • Scope of delivery : G.2 seat post incl. Neoprene protective cover and instruction manual


  • Note:
    • Driver’s weight approval: Please note the reduced rider weight approval of 130kg for smaller diameters (e.g. 25.4×300 / 26.4×350 / 26.6×350 / 26.8×350 / 27.2x400mm).
    • Stopring Option: For the 34.9x400mm version, there is an option for a pull-out stop ring. This only works in combination with the by,schulz reducing sleeve and the by,schulz clamp.


The parallelogram suspension seat post is designed to give you the highest level of riding comfort in the city as well as in rough terrain. The suspension is progressive, which means that the system responds softly to light impacts and increases spring resistance to hard impacts.

During compression, the G.2 ST parallelogram suspension seat post travels up to approx. 18mm to the rear and approx. 22mm to the bottom.

Due to the use of a heavy-duty flat wire steel spring together with technical elastomers, even hard impacts (e.g. when riding through deep potholes) do not cause the suspension to block. In addition, the movement is damped by the hemispherical elastomers in the head and base sections. For optimal adjustment of the G.2 ST to the rider’s weight and riding style, easily exchangeable spring elements with different spring hardnesses and dampers are available.

Installation Requirements

· Make sure that the inner diameter of the bicycle’s seat tube and the outer diameter of the G.2 ST or G.2 LT seat post have the same size.

· Differences in dimensions can lead to clamping failure as well as accidents and property damage or personal injury.

· A reducing sleeve can be used to adapt the diameter of the seat post to the seat tube dimensions. To adapt the seat post tube, we recommend the dedicated by,schulz double-slotted aluminum reducing sleeve with 120mm height. The following diameters are available:

· When using a reduction bushing from another manufacturer, it should be made of aluminium and have a minimum length of 90 mm. Make sure that the reducing sleeve is always completely inserted into the seat tube.

· Check that the width of the saddle rail is compatible with the head of the post. It must not be less than 35mm on the inside (Fig. 8.1). There are some core leather saddles that are too narrow in the front part of the frame and therefore cannot be combined with the post. Such use is not possible and can permanently damage saddle and post.

· Always use the right saddle clamp for the corresponding saddle rail. As standard, saddle clamps for a saddle rail with Ø 7mm are installed. If necessary, saddle clamps with Ø 8mm can be used. Never combine Ø 8mm clamps with a Ø 7mm saddle rail or vice versa. Note: Saddles with oval saddle rails must not be used.

You can find the right torque spanner at our official webshop.


Assembly Instructions

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