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· Safety due to easy entry and exit without clicking in

· Excellent performance through strong hold

· Lightweight, robust and extremely durable

· Suitable for all road bike shoes with 3-bolt connection

· Joint-friendly motion sequence, high stepping efficiency

· No mandatory use of the cleats. Can also simply be ridden with street shoes



by,schulz takes over the distribution of the unique pedal system bythlon in Europe.
The pedal will be directly available from August 2022.

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General information

bythlon “The other clipless pedal

The special feature of the pedal system, which won the Red Dot Design Awards 2021, is that the pedal and the sole plate are only “connected” by positive locking, resulting in a certain range of movement for the shoe.

Fast cycling with clipless pedals and cycling shoes is a great experience. You can feel how efficiently the power is transferred from your body to the bike, propelling you forward.

To disconnect, classic clipless pedals require the shoe to be turned sideways on the pedal. This needs to be practiced and still doesn’t always work in practice. If it comes to a surprising stop, the body often reacts instinctively and pulls in vain panic at the pedal. This can lead to falls, even for experienced riders.

The bythlon was developed to put an end to this problem. It provides strong grip and excellent performance, while giving the security of being able to easily release and re-fix the foot at any time.

The cleats are suitable for all standard road cycling shoes with a 3-bolt connection. However, the pedal can also be driven without cleats, with ordinary road shoes.


Technische Daten

· Geeignet für alle Rennradschuhe mit 3-Schraubenverbindung
· Material: Glasfaserverstärkter Kunststoff
· Gewicht Schuhplatte: ca. 90g / Set
· Gesamtgewicht: ca. 374g / Set
· Zulässiges Fahrergewicht: 110kg





Tech. Data

· Suitable for all road bike shoes with the 3-bolt connection
· Material: Glass fiber reinforced plastic
· Shoe plate weight: approx. 90g / set
· Total weight: approx. 374g / set
· Permitted rider weight: 110kg