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Who does not know the situation: you want to inflate the bicycle tyres at the petrol station, but the valve does not fit! With our practical valve adapters, which you carry on your key ring, you can quickly inflate the bike at the petrol station. These little “all-rounders”, fit both DV and SV valves and thus conjure up a car valve connection. Additionally, loose valve inserts can be tightened or exchanged. The valve adapters are available in 6 different colours.
The Profi Cut Tool and the Simple Draw Tool have been developed for the precise shortening and slitting of stems for the assembly of Speedlifter Systems. The Profi Cut Tool is a solid drilling and sawing template made of steel, the Simple Draw Tool is an aluminum template which is used to mark the fork slot on the steerer tube.
The Compact Wrenches are handy open-end wrenches which, due to their flat design, are especially designed for adjusting the headset on Speedlifter Systems and the Alpha Stem stems. They are available in a 36 mm and a 40 mm version.
The Y-wrench is a high quality and practical hexagon socket wrench with the key dimensions 4, 5 and 6 mm.