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A wide range of Ahead stems is now available. All byschulz stems have the special SDS front cap. With the help of adapters, accessories such as lamps, navigation devices and e-bike displays can be mounted centrally and securely on the bike without much effort.
Brand new and with a new closed design is the Alpha series, which is designed for special loads. The Stem Alpha 10° is designed for the sporty use on racing bikes and gravel bikes. It is available in a -10° and a +10° version. Stem Alpha 35 and Stem Alpha Pro (angle adjustable) were developed for very high loads, as they occur in MTB/cross country use or on cargo bikes. They are available with a handlebar clamp of 31.8 mm or 35 mm.
The standard Ahead stems offer a stable connection between fork and handlebar. They are available with 8° and 15° inclination in lengths from 70 to 120 mm. The angle adjustability of the Stem Pro range allows the rider to adjust the seating position to suit their needs. With its extra strong construction in the adjustable joint, the stem holds securely in any position between -20° and +40°.
Whether in the garage, on the car rack or on the train, the protruding handlebar considerably increase the storage space required for a bicycle. The twist function of the Stem Twist allows the handlebar to be turned to the right or left in seconds without the need for tools.
The Stem Twist Pro SDS is the all-rounder among stems. Angle adjustable, equipped with Twist function and SDS cap, it is our most versatile stem ever.
For mounting Ahead stems on 1″ and 1 1/8″ threaded forks we offer A-Head Stem Adapter Quills. To adapt handlebars with a Ø of 25.4 mm to stems with 31.8 mm clamping, our Stem Shim reduction sleeves are available.