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The height of the handlebar determines the riding comfort to a great extent. But the problem is that there is not „the right“ handlebar height. A different height is recommended for uphill than for downhill or city traffic. Intuitively, you compensate for the differences with your arms and back – but that is tiring.
With the Speedlifter Classic, the handlebar height can be adjusted in seconds without tools: Open the quick-release lever – set the correct height – close the quick-release lever, easily and without tools.
The Speedlifter Twist is a Speedlifter which has been additionally equipped with a twist function. This means that the handlebar can not only be adjusted in height, but can also be twisted just as easily up to 90 degrees to the left or right, also without tools. Thus, the bike can be stowed away quickly and easily, saving space in the car, train or garage.
The Speedlifter Twist Pro also has an angle-adjustable stem, naturally with the SDS front cap for mounting accessories. This way, the sitting position can be adjusted even more precisely to your own needs.