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Our diverse range of seat posts is divided into several product lines. The R.Series includes our standard non-suspension seat posts. Their 2-bolt clamping system allows a stepless and stable fixing of the saddle. They are available with an offset of 17 or 23 mm in various tube diameters.

The G.2 series was developed for maximum riding comfort. Its parallelogram suspension offers a very fine response and optimal suspension. Depending on the length of the suspension travel, the G.2 seat post is available in an ST (Short Travel) or LT (Long Travel) version. With its many diameter and length variants it fits on almost all bikes and e-bikes.

The height adjustable seat posts of the D-series have been developed for both the sporty and the urban cyclist. With a lever on the handlebars, the saddle can be lowered, for example, for a safe stand at traffic lights or a steep descent off-road, and afterwards returned to its original position. The D.2 ST-Dropper seat post combines the proven by,schulz parallelogram suspension and remote-controlled lowering in a unique way to provide comfort and safety.

Of course we also have the matching accessories. The exchange spring elements allow an optimal adjustment of our suspension seat posts to the rider’s weight. Our Mudcover, a protective cover made of neoprene, protects the spring mechanism from dirt. And our precisely fitting reduction sleeves allow an optimal adjustment of seat post and frame.