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By,schulz now also offers a range of high-quality aluminium handlebars.
The Urban and Comfort models are mainly designed for city and trekking use. A large backsweep of 23° or 42° enables a relaxed sitting position.
The handlebar P.2 Super Strong was developed especially for very high loads, which happen with cargobikes and fast e-bikes. Therefore a model with a 35 mm handlebar clamp is also available. The 40 mm rise and a backsweep of 37° allow an upright sitting position and protect the wrists.
If you like it sporty, you should choose the Sport Super Strong handlebar. The very high-quality aluminium alloy, which is also used in aviation and space travel, allows a low weight for maximum load capacity. Models with 31.8 and 35 mm handlebar clamps are available as well.