Satisfied e-Bikelifter BM-60 users share their experiences

Rüdiger Jansen (left) and his employees with the BM-60 e-bike lifter in the service workshop
" The e-bike lifter helps us in the workshop like an employee during the day and attracts customers to our shop window in the evening." Rüdiger Jansen - Owner

"The BM-60 e-bike lifter gives us super flexible support in the workshop, we can finally turn the pedelecs and bikes 360° and carry out every work step ergonomically."

"Thanks to the mobility of the e-bike lift, we can also offer our customers a bike check-up outside the workshop. We see the great advantage of not being tied to one place and being able to mount bikes flexibly, even in a smaller workshop area. We are particularly amazed by the speed and battery power. A super device that we use several times a day!"

The BM-60 e-bike lifter in the service area of RADlager Tübingen
"We are also impressed by the powerful motor, which effortlessly lifts even heavy e-bikes and, of course, the long battery life." Ludger Lammert - Owner

"We can set up the e-bike lift flexibly without having to drill holes in the floor. It is quick and easy to operate and remains absolutely stable, even when an e-bike has ridden all the way to the top."

Our conclusion

We are delighted that the BM-60 e-bike lifter has received a positive response from numerous dealers and bicycle service workshops since its launch in 2022. By adding many additional attachments, we have been able to further optimize working conditions, which has contributed to a positive development and increased acceptance in the industry. This encourages us in our intention to press ahead with further developments, especially in the cargo sector.