D.2 ST Ri / Ro - Lowerable suspension seatposts

Designed for sporty (e)-city/trekking riders, the lowerable D.2 ST parallelogram seatpost significantly increases riding comfort. To achieve this, the D.2 ST, which won the Eurobike Award 2018, works with the proven parallelogram spring design and a finely tuned steel spring: the resulting suspension travel of 30 mm reliably absorbs road shocks. This means the best seating comfort – whether on bumpy dirt roads or in city traffic. Riding control and safety during downhill traffic light stops are increased by the D.2 ST’s stepless lowering function: the rider lowers the suspension strut support via the ergonomic handlebar control lever. To prevent fatigue, frequent riders can thus vary the seat height continuously. The D.2 ST is the perfect combination of shock absorber and Vario support and, with 80 mm lowering, maximizes riding pleasure. To compensate for shocks while riding back-friendly, the integrated steel spring is available in 4 different spring stiffnesses. The lowerable seatpost is available in the variant Ri, with internally routed cable and a Ro variant with externally routed cable. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Assembly instructions

Here you can take a look at the installation and operating instructions of the D.2 ST-Ri and D.2 ST-Ro. Find out in the installation requirements whether the installation or retrofitting of the D.2 ST seatpost on your bike or e-bike is possible.