Here you will find all the awards that our products and our company have received in the meantime.

Test recommendations

Test winner Elektrorad 03/21

Our suspension G.2 ST seatposts are test winner in the seatpost test of the electric bike magazine (issue 03/21)

"Many bikes have neither suspension fork nor rear suspension, making them rather uncomfortable to ride. A good suspension support does not cost the world, can be installed even quickly and easily. On tour, you will then immediately feel the aha effect and no longer want to miss the newly gained comfort!"

Sebastian Böhm – Editor, Manager Test and Technics

Test winner Radfahren 03/21

Our suspension G.2 ST seatposts are test winners in the seatpost test of the Radfahren magazine (issue 03/21)

Suspension seatposts can help cyclists prevent pain. In our major comparison test, the by,schulz G.2 ST was the test winner.

VSF all-ride Quality seal 2020-2023

Our suspension G.2 seatposts have been awarded the VSF all-ride quality seal.

Suspension seat posts can be a real help: The more upright the riding posture, the more the impact of the road on the back and spine. The suspension noticeably increases riding and sitting comfort and prevents discomfort.

Recommendation Aktiv Radfahren 5/2020

by,schulz SDS – Clean Cockpit
SDS means “Stem Docking System” and describes a product group around specially designed stem caps to centrally organize all kinds of gadgets like speedometer, GPS, lights, camera and even e-bike displays. Due to the screwed design in solid aluminum, the whole thing also turns out extremely stable and secure. The stem cap is the central component in which various links and adapters are inserted. The positioning is simple and fast via a single screw, which is tightened at the front. By using a double link, a Navigati-onsgerät finds its place directly in front of the stem in the perfect field of view. A light or camera can be mounted underneath.

Recommendation Aktiv Radfahren 5/2019

Keeping an eye on the time – Speedlifter A-Head Clock
If you want to check the time while riding, you usually do it with a speedometer, GPS or sports watch. However, the Speedlifter version is much simpler and more sophisticated.
For this purpose, the existing A-head cap on the stem is replaced by a model made of CNC-milled aluminum, which takes a waterproof analog clock. The clock is fixed via a screw mount. The cap for this is available in ten different colors and allows an adaptation to the color theme of the wheel.

Test winner Aktiv Radfahren 9-10/2018

16 seatposts in direct test and comparison.
The by,schulz G.2 LT is test winner

Eurobike Award

Eurobike Award Winner 2019

by,schulz packaging concept

Sustainability is a big issue today more than ever. For this reason, the packaging comes from local production with the absence of any plastic materials. The completely recyclable packaging holds the product securely in place and serves as protection during transport. Consciously, the packaging for all products has been developed with a simple design and for the purpose of recognition with a uniform shape, while avoiding effect finishing. The open design allows to see and touch the product, the graphic design picks up the product and transports the brand and quality. Variable use of the packaging for different products and models saves resources

Award criteria

  • Degree of innovation
  • Choice of materials
  • Sustainability

Jury Statement

No plastic! That is the major theme of the concept for the new by,schulz packaging series. But environmental protection goes even further: the cardboard comes from sustainable sources, and printing is done by companies from the region. All in all, successful environmental protection.

Eurobike Award Winner 2018

D.2 ST-Ri dropper Seatpost

The D.2 ST-Ri dropper seatpost combines comfort and safety in a unique way. By combining the proven by,schulz parallelogram suspension with a remote-controlled lowering of the post, it offers a quick switch between ergonomic seating comfort and a safe stand at the traffic lights. It is designed for urban use as well as for sporty off-road use. The lowering mechanism (gas pressure spring) is controlled by a lever on the handlebar. The cable routing is optionally possible through or outside the frame. Due to the high-quality bearing of the height adjustment (100 mm), the D.2 ST-Ri seatpost is low-maintenance and virtually free of play.

Award criteria

  • Functionality
  • Choice of materials
  • Added value

Jury Statement

This safe and practical seat post is designed for the urban cyclist. With a lever, the saddle can be lowered, for example, at a traffic light and then returned to the original position for the onward journey. In addition, the suspension provides comfort. In this way, this seatpost could help motivate more people to ride a bike.

Eurobike Award Winner 2016

Stem Twist SDS

The 1 1/8 “A-head stem can be twisted in seconds and without tools into a 90 ° parking position. When turning back, the locking bolt engages exactly in riding position and the bike is ready for use again after closing the quick release lever. With optional SDS adapters, various devices can be easily and tidily mounted on the stem clamp plate.

Award criteria

  • Degree of innovation
  • Functionality

Jury Statement

This is a very useful innovation that greatly facilitates the transport and parking of bicycles in seconds.

Taipei Cycle Award

Taipei Cycle Award 2021

In a cooperation between by,schulz and Bone Collection, the Phone Tie Connect and the Bike Tie Connect Kit were created. The clever smartphone holders are designed in the by,schulz style for safe, quick and tool-free mounting and removal of smartphones on the handlebar or stem of the bike.
For this you were awarded the Taipei Cycle Award 2021

Taipei Cycle Award 2016

Not only practical, but also beautiful is the Ahead stem “Stem twist SDS” from the bicycle component manufacturer by,schulz. This was the opinion of the jury of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and the Taiwan Bicycle Association (TBA). They awarded the Stem twist SDS with their design prize on the eve of the “Taiwan Cycle Show”, on March 8, 2016, in Taipei.

Saarländischer Staatspreis für Design 2003