by,schulz sponsors components for the bike tour project “From Zurich 2 Zurich”

Kaspar Bührer and Johannes Hruza are behind Zurich 2 Zurich. The two passionate racing cyclists have set themselves the goal of cycling around the world after graduating from ETH Zurich.

In a period of just six months, Johannes and Kaspar want to cover more than 20,000 km with self-designed, solar-powered e-bikes with rear-wheel drive, and circumnavigate the globe. The bike, which they assembled themselves, will draw its energy from solar cells installed on a trailer they carry with them.

“For the 20,000+ km that await us, we are on the lookout for reliable components”

Kaspar Bührer

The route of the two

If everything goes according to plan, Johannes and Kaspar want to start the tour in April 2022. Due to the Covid pandemic and political instabilities, such as the war in Ukraine, it is almost impossible to say which countries they will pass through and whether the schedule can be kept. Nevertheless, they have roughly planned the route. The plan of the two is quite simple. They start in Zurich, head east and when they reach the ocean, they try to cross it.

Johannes and Kaspar report on their project on their own blog “Z2Z” and you can also follow them on Instagram.

The expected route from Zurich 2 Zurich

In their search for the right equipment for this daring venture, Johannes and Kaspar wrote to us about sponsorship.

“Because we will also be riding on bad roads and spend many hours in the saddle, we would like to use suspension seatposts, like your G.2.”

Kaspar Bührer

Used by,schulz components

We are of course very happy to support Kaspar and Johannes’ exciting project with our components to make their journey as pleasant as possible.

In addition to the G.2 seatposts, the following components also travel around the world in their endurance test:

We wish them continued success with their preparations and will report on the journey from Zurich 2 Zurich in further articles here.