Ergonomic components for e-bikes & bicycles.
For over 20 years, we have focused on the new development and improvement of systems and components to optimize the interaction of man and machine when cycling. With our multiple award-winning and partly

patented products, we have fought our way to a top position in the highly competitive market for sophisticated bicycle accessories. Our flagship product is the Speedlifter, which allows the height of the handlebar to be adjusted completely without tools in just a few simple steps.

The Speedlifter offers its riders a particularly high level of riding comfort thanks to its flexibility, which supports both sporting ambitions and riding ergonomics. As a supplier in the original equipment for bicycle manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers, we are

numerous components are installed as standard. In addition, we have a broad dealer network that successfully sells and installs our systems for end customers. All products are developed by by,schulz in Saarbrücken, tested until they are ready for series production and tested by independent testing institutes.




The mobile workshop assembly stand for bikes, e-bikes and Cargobike

We are excited to introduce our new line of assembly stands, e-Bikelifter. The first model, the BM-60, is the result of a successful cooperation between the Danish company Hovmand and the German company by,schulz.
The production of the e-bike lifter takes place at Hovmand, the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile, battery-powered lifting equipment.

The distribution of the brand e-Bikelifter
is carried out throughout Europe by
by,schulz GmbH Saarbrücken.

This cooperation resulted in a mobile and solid lifting device in workshop quality, which was developed especially for bicycles, e-bikes and Cargobikes.


The current product catalog is available. Find out about the range of products we offer in 2021/2022.

2022 we expand our product range of pedals and complement you with the unique pedal system Bythlon. Due to the special feature that the pedal to combine with the sole plate only by positive locking, there is a slight range of motion for the shoe, which guarantees a joint-friendly movement.

This offers the sporty driver a high level of comfort as well as a safe step during his tour. The large contact surface also ensures an even distribution of pressure over the entire pedal body and thus for high stability and maximum pedaling efficiency. Try it out for yourself!

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Eurobike Award 2019

We are pleased that we are successful with our plastic-free and regionally produced for us packaging line for the specialized trade and make an important contribution to environmental protection.
For this, we were honored with the Eurobike Award in 2019.

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